Thank you for being a part of our ULS family! Rest assured that your child’s learning continues to be supported by a community of innovative educators, supportive administrators, dedicated parents, and motivated peers who are working together to ensure positive outcomes for all students.


The University Laboratory School Foundation was formed in 2013 to support the charter school’s dual missions – to deliver the best possible education to its students and to serve the educational research and development community. Financial support from the foundation  enables the school to improve its facilities, support its teachers, and allow for enhanced learning opportunities outside the normal scope of its operating budget. Our all-volunteer board of directors is comprised of proud ULS graduates and supporters who want to ensure the next generation of students receive more support than they did.


This year, the ULS Foundation intends to provide flexible financial support to the fluid operational needs given the financial and educational challenges every school is currently faced with. We remain optimistic in the hope that we can continue to plan for fund, and ‘friend’-raising events in the spring and summer, such as the ULS Fun Fair and ULS Golf Tournament. These events allow the ULS Foundation to sustain our part in cultivating the culture of our ULS ‘Ohana.


The University Laboratory School is a special place. It is a place where life-long relationships are forged, high quality educational programs and practices are expected, and commitment to and passion for learning and teaching are prevalent.  We embrace the University Laboratory School’s rich history and work tirelessly to maintain its reputation for excellence. The relationships we have with our ULS families and friends, and the partnerships we’ve established with the University of Hawai‘i-College of Education-Curriculum Research & Development Group are extremely vital in helping ULS sustain this excellence.


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected all of our lives. We recognize the overwhelming and stressful challenges that everyone is facing at this time. Like other public charter schools in Hawai‘i, ULS has been financially impacted by the economic downturn in our state. This decrease in funding could compromise that level of excellence that ULS students and parents have come to expect. While the University Laboratory School continuously does its best to maximize its state per pupil allocation, it would benefit greatly from your generous support. 


We, at the University Laboratory School, will ensure that your contributions will be utilized to support our ongoing programs, including assisting with personnel costs, technology equipment, extracurricular opportunities, transportation, textbooks, learning materials, and teaching/classroom supplies.


Your financial support of $1,500 for the year (or any level of support you can provide) will help ULS to make these improvements for our students and teachers. Would you please consider making a one-time or monthly donation to this important annual initiative?

Each year, your contributions, big or small are invested right back into the school to benefit the students. Your support and partnership is greatly appreciated. Mahalo nui loa!


Warmest aloha,                                                                                                         

Romeo Gampong ‘90

ULS Foundation President


Romeo Gampong (c/o '90)

ULSF President

P.O. Box 11208

Honolulu, Hawaii 96828