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The University Laboratory School Foundation (ULSF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 2013 by 1991 Alumnus Ted Rachlin. Our mission is to explore and cultivate fundraising efforts for the school and community through events, grants, campaigns, contributions, and donations in the hope to help the University Laboratory School (ULS) sustain its long-term financial flexibility and stability for its posterity. Donations and contributions will go to an endowment created to help offset the school's annual operational budget. Funds will
be perpetually invested to grow a sustainable grant to be distributed annually to the school. As the endowment grows, so does the ability for the ULS Foundation to increase the annual
distribution.  The ULSF overarching goal is to grow the endowment to a size that earns enough income to one day cover the school’s annual operating budget.


While ULSF typically asks the school what needs are most apparent and immediate, we seek to fund larger capital upgrades and repairs in helping to provide a physical venue conducive to optimize our children’s learning environment, as well as attempt to fund specific educational programs and academic initiatives. In the past, we have planned and sponsored a few equally fund & 'friend'-raising events including an alumni dinner, a ULS Golf Tournament, and the Senior Aloha Awards Event. We also have actively collaborated with past and current parents, community, alumni, and educational staff for a spring event that all ULS students may engage and enjoy in participating. Our hope is to utilize these events to bring all of us together - cultivating our special & unique ULS 'Ohana.

Romeo Gampong, President ('90)

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Our Board

Romeo Gampong_edited.jpg
Romeo Gampong

President, ('90)

Ellie Ventula-Honda.png
Ellie Ventula-Honda

Director, ('78)

James Choy.png
James Choy


Cathy Mizumoto

Secretary, ('01)

Todd Clark

Director, (’89)

Scott McFarlane

Director, ('89)

Justan .png
Justan Wong


Charles Arakaki.png
Charles Arakaki 

Director, ('88)

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