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Our Alumni

The ULSF Alumni Committee has two main purposes: to support the welfare and education of the ULS and to promote alumni fellowship. For more information on the ULSFAC, please contact us at

ULS Alumni Class Challenge



The University Laboratory School Foundation (ULSF) is dedicated to supporting the University Laboratory School’s (ULS) dual missions – to design and deliver the best possible education to its students and to serve the educational research and development community. Another is to build a financial endowment that will provide enduring support for students, faculty, and programs in perpetuity. Gifts of support from generous donors through ULSF organized alumni campaigns, parent appeals, and various fundraisers have allowed the Foundation to annually help with ULS curriculum development, program development, and essential equipment and facility upgrades. As a result of this collective effort, our current ULS students and their families benefit immediately!


This summer, the ULS class of 1976 exemplified the spirit of giving. They were able to donate over $8,000 to the ULSF this past summer of 2021 – highlighting their 45th class reunion.  The ULSF, along with principal Keoni Jeremiah, are extremely grateful to the class of 1976 as well as all current and past donors that make up the ULS Ohana!


Since its establishment in the fall of 2013, the ULSF has raised over $1,048,000.00 to date for the University Laboratory School. With that said, alumni support has been a vital financial stream towards helping our beloved alma mater. Your gifts of support are critical to solidifying ULS’s existence as one of the preeminent charter schools in the State of Hawaii and its vision in providing an environment for learning, personal growth, college preparation, and responsible citizenship.


We would like to acknowledge some of the ULS top alumni class donors since 2013:

Class of :1963    $32,543.00              Class of :  1987      $17,380.00              

Class of :1964    $43,415.00              Class of :  1988      $14,020.00

Class of :1969    $13,803.00              Class of :  1989      $32,428.00

Class of :1972    $11,260.00              Class of :  1990      $20,415.00

Class of :1976    $17,159.00              Class of :  1991      $39,458.00

Class of :1977    $23,155.00              Class of :  1998      $13,460.00

These classes are a shining example of what can be achieved by our extended ULS Ohana.  The listed classes have raised over $278,000.00 of our total $1,048,000.00 since 2013. Still, together, we can accomplish so much more!  The ULSF is proposing a challenge to all classes to set a goal of graciously donating $5,000 to the ULSF before their next class reunion. The class of 1976 has certainly set the bar. They have provided a solid blueprint to how each alumni class can give back to a school that has already given us so much. We strongly feel that past and future classes can match what the class of 1976 has done. Your donation helps ULS build a culture that continues to foster future men and women of character!


GO Jr. Bows!!!




Romeo Gampong, ‘90

ULSF President


Donations can be made through the NEW ULSF website: Just hit the GIVE link. Donations via check are also accepted, payable to the: 

University Laboratory School Foundation

P.O. Box 11208

Honolulu, HI 96828 

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