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As a Hawaii Public Charter School, University Laboratory School (ULS) is funded at 53% less per student than other public schools.  Recognizing this inequity in funding, the University Laboratory School Foundation (ULSF) was established in 2013 by 1991 Alumnus Ted Rachlin. Even with this lack of state funding, ULS has been able to be recognized as the top public high school in the state.  The Jr. Bows General Endowment Fund is critical to augment the everyday operations of the school.   Past donations from alumni and private equity donors has allowed the ULS to achieve its ranking as the one for the top 5 public high schools in Hawaii.

Your past and future gifts have and will continue to help the ULS maintain this level of excellence.

Your donations will go to an endowment created to help offset the school's annual operational budget. Funds will be perpetually invested to grow a sustainable grant to be distributed annually to the school. As the endowment grows, so does the ability for the ULS Foundation to increase the annual distribution. The ULSF overarching goal is to grow the endowment to a size that earns enough income to one day cover the school’s annual operating budget. Your donation will immediately benefit present and future ULS students for years to come. Please consider a gift to the Jr. Bows General Endowment Fund.

The Jr. Bows General Endowment Fund helps cover the cost of:

  • Academics

  • Faculty Support

  • Scholarship Awards

  • Scholastic Teams

  • The Arts

  • Technology

  • Athletics

  • Student Activities

  • Alumni

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