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Music and Secondary Language Fund

Music and Secondary Language Fund – in honor of Brady Louis, Class of 1991
The Music and Secondary Language Fund was spearheaded by fellow University Laboratory School (ULS) alumni Ted Rachlin c/o 1991, his 91' classmates, and the Rachlin Ohana. We’d love to kick start this fund by telling you a little about Brady Louis.  Like so many of us that graduated from this ‘little school that could,’ we were given the opportunity to learn so many things—from weaving to advanced calculus at the University of Hawaii, to choir, to computer lab—and it was no exception for Brady who took the Music and Secondary Language program and ran with it!  He was essentially the heart and soul of these programs—as we heard him singing down the hall while busting into the running man (because he was Brady!) and speaking Japanese to order his lunch at the lunch wagon just to practice what he had learned the day before.  He was so proud of this program—really ULS in general—it truly touched his life in a profound way, and in Brady-style, he shared it with everyone that he encountered.  We are honored to call Brady a classmate, a friend—an inspiration.


The Music and Secondary Language Fund will continue to honor Brady Louis’ legacy. The heart of this fund will be centered around perpetuating support for music and second language programs at ULS, where all students can have an opportunity to express one’s voice, creativity, and personality even if it is for the first time. It will allow students another avenue to experience new cultures, create new talents and prepare their young minds with new life lessons to inspire and serve their school and community with pride. The Music and Secondary Language Fund encapsulates the memories of Brady Louis and how
he lived his life to the fullest!

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