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University Laboratory School Golf Tournament

Aloha Lab School Alumni, Parents, & Community Supporters, 

It is with much anticipation that we are resurrecting & returning our beloved Lab School Golf Tournament after a 3-year hiatus. While personal achievement, athletic competition and prowess constantly runs in our blood, this tournament is mostly about having a great reason to come together, 'Ohana, Fellowship, Good Will & Good Fun! And what better way to do this than to pack up a cooler, ride the course on a great Hawaiian summer day, share laughs, try to hit the hell of a drive, maneuver your way in and out of traps, hazards, and magnetic cart paths, then to finally putt into a small hole eighteen times. Sounds like sweet music and an awesome day to me. 

I cannot believe how long we have continued this event, to within a year to its (25th) silver anniversary. It is a true testament to the love, dedication & support you all have provided throughout the years and have helped to sustain this event for this long. We all know much has happened and changed in the landscape of our lives and have given us pause since our last, most recent golf event back in July 2019. As we are steeped in times with rising costs and inflation, as an act of how important the fellowship of our Lab School 'Ohana is over everything, we are offering to keep the SAME 2019 rates & prices for your team entries to make it easier for U & bring U all back to the course!!!

On behalf of the ULS, its Foundation, and its proud Alumni, with much humility and gratitude, we cannot thank U enough for your continuous generosity. It is the Love of Our Lab School that has enabled us to keep going after all these years, and hopefully, with your continued fervor, will enjoy for many years to come. Let's Go!!!

Registration is closed

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