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University Lab School Class of 1976

45th Reunion Class Gift


Help us raise $7,600 from the Class of ‘76 for the University Laboratory School Foundation to help prepare ULS to face the ongoing pandemic in the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

University Lab School
Class of 1976

45th Reunion Class Gift

Your gift will help!

   Please join us in celebrating our 45th Reunion and support ULS!

Congratulations, Class of ‘76! We made it to our 45th Reunion! What?!?!


It feels like yesterday, and a lifetime ago, that we were students at University Lab School, waiting in line to give our lunch tickets to Miss Kunioka for a “pig in a blanket” or baked spaghetti, doesn’t it? (Do you want your ivory jello?)


Remember orchestra, chorus and band concerts? Science labs and art classes? Varsity basketball games; football games at the old Honolulu Stadium (who remembers what HUMMers stands for?)? And those horrible bathrooms? (BTW, they haven’t changed!) Card games and dances in the MPB? Some of us may have been at Castle Memorial for preschool and kindergarten, while others joined the class much later, but no matter when you came to ULS, we are part of the Lab School ‘Ohana.


The shared experiences at the Lab School are what bind us together even though we may be miles apart, and despite the years or even decades that have passed since we last saw each other. It was a unique ride and we were the lucky ones to be a part of a school that valued creativity, expression, and individuality. Our experiences together helped prepare us for life and gave us the foundation for who we are today. Have you ever told someone that you graduated from University Lab School and they replied, “Whoa, that’s a really good school!” Yes, I’m proud to be a Junior Rainbow.


The Lab School continues to stand out as one of the best public schools in Hawaii today. But unlike our days in school, the physical campus was closed for 12 months in response to the Pandemic and did not reopen its classrooms until March 2021. Students and faculty need to be safe and protected with the proper equipment and classroom furniture in the fall so that teachers can focus on teaching without worrying about COVID-19 spreading through the school community.  

Your gift to the ULS Foundation will help.

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