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In Memoriam

Dr. Dorothy Loretta Krause

October 27, 1938-August 15, 2023

It is with profound sadness that we share the news of the passing of Dr. Loretta Krause. Our sincere sympathy and aloha to all the family, friends, and students of Dr. Krause.

In her 32 years as University Laboratory School principal from 1971-2003, Dr. Krause saw to the education, care, and support of thousands of ULS students. She started her career at ULS in the early 1960s when she served as a teaching supervisor for the speech and drama department. At that time she was also a part of the UH Manoa Speech department. Through her role as a teaching supervisor, Dr. Krause worked hard to support teachers and students and was recognized for her strong commitment to the education and well being of all at ULS. In 1971, Dr. Krause was asked to become the next principal of ULS. It was a fitting transition for her and she spent the next 32 years building the program that we know today.

During her time as ULS principal, Dr. Krause played a pivotal role in developing ULS’ unique school design and academic framework and was a champion for educational excellence. She forged and maintained many meaningful professional relationships throughout her career that helped to bring innovative and cutting-edge pedagogy and curriculum to ULS. One of the most notable achievements was the partnership she started between ULS and our “sister” schools in Japan. From this partnership, ULS students had the opportunity to engage with Japanese students through a culture and language exchange. In 2023, two of our students presented at the Nagasaki Peace Conference in Japan. This experience is due in large part to Dr. Krause’s vision of seeing the potential of connections outside of Hawai‘i and the nation. Dr. Krause was also credited for her work in the late 1990s when political matters endangered the future of ULS. Through her perseverance she saw to it that ULS not only remained open and operational but continued to provide the best possible education for its students even through adversity.

Above all, Dr. Krause dedicated herself completely to her “extended family” of the University Laboratory School. She painstakingly fostered the understanding that every child can contribute and learn from each other daily in an active and exciting classroom with supportive teachers who loved their craft and were experts in their field of study. Her efforts to ensure that children at ULS were provided with a high-quality education in a learning environment that piqued their curiosity, offered an abundance of opportunities, allowed students to see the value of learning and felt like they belonged here was her greatest gift. 

Dr. Loretta Krause positively impacted the lives of many students, educators, parents, and the community at large. We are grateful to Dr. Krause as she made a difference in our lives. She will be dearly missed.

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