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Class of 2022 Awards and Senior Aloha Program

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The University Laboratory School (ULS) Class of 2022 Awards and Senior Aloha Program was a night of cheer, good food, fellowship, reflection, and recognition. The ULS class of 2022 and their respective parents endured a lot of challenges over the last 3 years. The Seniors, however, got one special night on May 19, 2022, at the Japanese Cultural Center, full of memories that they will be able to cherish and share amongst their classmates and families for years to come. Covid 19 may have stripped the ULS class of 2022 of treasured times together, but this year’s seniors did not disappoint.  Many of them were front and center, showcasing how truly special and talented they are in their abbreviated Covid 19 era of high school. Here are two notable award recipients that the University Laboratory School Foundation (ULSF) was honored to sponsor:

  • Dr. Loretta Krause Ke Aloha Award ($1500) - Miyu Owada

  • ULSAA Lanning Lee Service Award ($1000) - Salena Ohta

The ULSF was also blessed to have been able to sponsor this year’s Awards and Senior Aloha Program.  Being present and experiencing an event with so much promise is definitely something we want to make an annual event for our future ULS Seniors. As our ULS seniors transition to ambitious ULS alumni, we strongly feel their time at our beloved ULS will have supplied life lessons that parlay into successful careers. Graduation is only the beginning to becoming one ULS Ohana, ready to work together and continually support the future students at ULS.  

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